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Riverside, Tennessee Town Map by LittleWolfHands Riverside, Tennessee Town Map by LittleWolfHands

Welcome to Riverside

We hope you enjoy your stay.

A considerably smaller town to the north west of Erin and to the south west of Dover. 
Has a population of 2,346.
This is a completely fictional place.

 Bullet; Green Docks
- Privately owned. A few small boats are docked here. Open to the public for fishing only.

Bullet; Green Power Plant
- A hydroelectric power plant that provides the town with most of it's electricity. 

Bullet; Green Cathedral of Praise
- A place where people can have their sins erased. A small building that can only hold 100 people at any time. 
Has a large graveyard near the back entrance.

Bullet; Green Police Station
- Where the RSPD conducts their business. Has a rather large gun locker considering the crime rate is very low.

Bullet; Green Pet Store
- A small shop that sells various animals along with pet supplies.
Sells: Rabbits, rats, cats, small dogs (when available), small birds, and ferrets. (Available for characters to own.)

Bullet; Green Florists
- A two room shop located near the pet store. Ran by one woman and sells various seasonal flowers.

Bullet; Green Cafe
- Where the elderly normally go to spend their afternoons.
Sells imported coffee while playing various songs from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Very nostalgic.

Bullet; Green Community Hospital
- The only hospital in a 50 mile radius, causing them to be rather busy year round.
Often takes on interns during the summer season.

Bullet; Green Bar
- A VERY small bar/restaurant that is considered to be "dumpy" due to smoking being allowed indoors. 
This is normally where most crime happens in Riverside.

Bullet; Green Hillcrest Apartments
- Smaller apartment building of the three in Riverside. Low cost of rent. Across the street from the bar. One floor.

Bullet; Green Town-homes (4)
- Four closely packed homes. 3 small families currently reside here, 1 is currently unoccupied and for sale.

Bullet; Green Lakeview Apartments
- Second largest apartment complex here and the oldest. Well kept, moderately priced, has rooftop garden, fire escapes on second floor leading downwards and up to the said garden. 2 residential floors. 28 apartments on 1st floor, 26 apartments on 2nd.

Bullet; Green Oakwood Apartments
- Largest complex in Riverside. Balconies, fireplaces, wooden floors. Very expensive, but newly built. 3 residential floors. 20 apartments per floor, no access to rooftop.

Bullet; Green Post Office
- Where the many packages and letters filter through for distribution. A man and a woman work here.

Bullet; Green Town Hall
- Important business is dealt with here. It is also the home of the mayor.

Bullet; Green General Store
- Also functions as a full grocery. Most of the town's teenagers get jobs here over the summer.

Bullet; Green Gas Station
- Only gas station in town. Also sells liquor and cigarettes. Typical.

Bullet; Green School
- Where Riverside youth goes to learn. A two story building.

Bullet; Green Greenhouse
- Attached to the side of the elementary school. Used for plant science and home ec.

Bullet; Green Town-homes (8)
- A set of neatly built homes. Teachers or families with young children reside here.

Bullet; Green Riverside Shopping Center
- Various shops here. Two stories high, contains a hair salon, sporting goods, various clothing stores, outdoors/camping, and a few restaurants.

Bullet; Green Theater
- Average sized building, shows the latest and greatest films, but once in a while has special one night events where they show older films.  

Bullet; Green Motel
- What do you expect? But it gets the job done. Two stories, average appearance.

Bullet; Green Farm House
- Only farm within Riverside limits. Owned by a smaller family. Raises tomatoes, cattle, corn, and chickens.

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Jelly-monster8D Featured By Owner May 4, 2014
What do the red X's mean o.O ((the only reason I asked, is because the farm is outside the border ^^;))
LittleWolfHands Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's the highway and it's blocked off so characters don't think that they can just leave to another town. 
There's a road that goes to the farm. 
Jelly-monster8D Featured By Owner May 4, 2014
Ahah. Thank you :)
CIAE13 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014
I have a question: Is there any college? Or does Riverside's school take care of that as well? (I hope I didn't sound too confusing, eh)
LittleWolfHands Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
As of right now on the map, there isn't. 
But later once I open the world up more, there will be more specialized buildings. 

If you are wanting your character to be in college, you can just say in a neighboring city/town, and the commute from there to Riverside. 
Hope this helped. (I also sound confusing. Haha.)
CIAE13 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014
Nope, you're not confusing. I got what you meant just fine ; D

Okay, thank you! <3
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